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Accessorize Your *Barbie* World!

If you've seen the new Barbie movie, assuming you don't live under a rock ;), you know that it was an intense fever dream of all things PINK and femininity.  But did anyone catch all the *ahmazing* accessories the Barbies were wearing?  I'm talking about the earrings, necklaces and hair pieces on those outfits, srsly- the costume dept. on the Barbie movie deserves an award for that, y'all!

Here at Eclectic Duo, we NVR miss a chance to get glittery, so lets roll out the pink carpet and run through our best Barbie *inspired* accessories!


First up, the little seen necklace of colorful jellyfish adorned with mermaid tail dangle earrings worn by one of the Barbies in the FLAT FEET scene:

That gold disco outfit from the elaborately choreographed dance scene was LIFE, amr?!  Here's our version of Barbie's dramatic gold earrings, perfect for any disco and even holiday season!

A retro style throwback seen in the map scene shows a more subdued accessory, although perfect for any work outfit with a little flair!

This next accessory look takes us all the way to back to our childhood, wityh those daisy chains we made at summer camp!  This set is perfect for Spring season, or year-round for anyone named Daisy!

No beach outfit would be complete without Barbie's Blue Anchor statement earrings!  These would also be perfect for a school mascot- Mandeville Skippers I'm looking at y'all!


Last but certainly not least, the holy grail of accessories that popped up ALL over our feeds even before the movie was released *that* seashell combo set- was to DIE FOR, QUEEN!


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